Pass It On

by Tristen & Amy OBrien on February 17, 2014

What’s your motivation?  Why do you work so hard to be an eBay entrepreneur?  Is it the money or the freedom?  Has it become a passion or necessity?  For me, eBay provides my family the lifestyle we want to live.  It’s the flexibility that allows me to be a better parent, and it’s the money that makes our lives a little bit easier.  Whether you know it or not, being an eBay entrepreneur requires a skill.  This is a skill that takes time to learn, and YOU have the motivation to learn it.  It’s a skill that is powerful, that is life changing, and one day, it’s a skill that you will master.  For me, this skill is part of my motivation.

As I look into the faces of my beautiful children, I wonder what the world will bring them over the years.  My oldest is four and youngest is under a year, but I know that they are both extremely smart, talented, and kind hearted.  At this age, it is up to me and my wife to love and educate them on life.  As they get older, they make their own choices, but it’s up to me to teach them this skill.  As eBay entrepreneurs, we learn everyday that we are in control of our own destiny.  We make smart decisions to build our wealth, freedom, and passion.  We are leaders, CEO’s, and business owners.  We learn how to treat others with respect and own up to our own mistakes.  We learn to think quickly and make important decisions.  And we know that if we are kind and work hard, amazing things will happen.  Thats my motivation.  I need to keep growing these skills, because I know one day I will be able to pass them on to my children.  They may not want to own an eBay business; they may not even want to work for themselves, but they will always have a plan B if they need it.

Being an eBay entrepreneur means more than money, freedom, and passion.  It means that you have a skill set that can change a life.  I encourage you to take a look around you.  Take a look at your family, friends, children, loved ones, or even co-workers.  Who in your life can you teach this skill to?  Who is struggling to pay their bills, feed their family, or maybe unemployed.  The time may be now to reach out to them and share your knowledge.  So what motivates you?  Comment below.