When Should You Open An eBay Store

by Tristen & Amy OBrien on March 20, 2012

You work really hard on eBay, and you are trying to switch from a casual seller to a business seller.  Does that mean you have to open a store?  That’s a question I receive all of the time.  It seems as if it is a natural progression in your eBay career to open up an eBay store.  To make a wise decision you need to know all of the facts.

For me personally, I love an eBay store.  I understand the value that it brings to my business, but it may not be right for everyone.  Lets take a look at some key points to consider.

  1. eBay has a great tool that can help you in your decision.  It’s called the Store Fee Illustrator, and it has you insert some basic information.  It wants to know how many listings you do a month, how many pictures, and so on.  It then will calculate if a store will save you money!  You can find that free tool HERE
  2. With that said, a store does come with a cost.  You have your choice between three different store types.  They are: Basic – $15.95, Premium – $49.95, and Anchor – $299.95 per month.
  3. Obviously with a paid monthly fee, a store will provide you with extra money saving features.  The fee for the fixed price alone, is over a 50 % savings.  It’s only $.20 for the basic and $.03 for the Anchor!
  4. Other savings and features include: Free Picture Pack – You can upload up to 12 pictures, supersize the pictures, and have the zoom feature on all listings for free.  You get 7 day a week customer support. You will be able to customize your store with different pages and categories, so its easier for buyers to find more items.  You get your own web address.
  5. Another great feature is the Markdown Manager.  This allows you to mark down 250 listings per day to attract more buyers!
  6. One of my favorite tools is the Vacation Hold.  This allows you to put your listings and store “on hold” while you are away

Those are some of my favorite tools that an eBay Store can get you but there is more.  You can check out eBay’s Store Subscription page HERE.  So is a store right for you?  That can only be answered by the person who is running your business, YOU.  In most cases it is beneficial to open an eBay Store, but not always.

If you are a casual seller, eBay allows you to list 50 items for free each month.  Maybe that works for you, but you should know that eBay runs specials all of the time.  Currently eBay is running a special where Stores can list for free until the end of the month, as seen HERE.

If you are transitioning out of casual selling and into a business seller, then I think it’s worth looking at.  I for one, and a huge picture person, so the cost savings alone with pictures was worth it for me. The good thing is, you can close your store at anytime, so don’t worry about losing money with the $15 fee!  I recomend giving it a try and see what you think!

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