The eBay Entrepreneur Mentor Program

by Tristen & Amy OBrien on February 20, 2012


When starting your journey on eBay, you may have high hopes and dreams of becoming an entrepreneur.  Working when you want to, at your own pace, location independent all sound great!  Your dreams can all come true, but it does take some work.  I remember when I first started selling on eBay, I was very determined to make money (really because I had to), and I started to see the benefits of being an entrepreneur.  Then, I hit a road block.  A few things didn’t sell and I started to get discouraged.  So what did I do?  Well, I took a couple days off and did some research online, and when I found out how to overcome my road block, I started to see the sun again!

This happens to everyone!  If you are just starting out or you have been around eBay for awhile, more than likely you have felt discouraged at one point (or maybe a more than a few times).  Its normal, but one thing I really wish I had when I first started out was a mentor.  Someone who I could ask all my questions.  Someone who I knew could pick me up and get me back on track.  Unfortunately at that time, I really didn’t have anyone to reach out to.  There were bloggers who I followed, and I would send them a message and never hear back.  That’s why I created The eBay Entrepreneur’s Mentoring Program.   It can be found HERE.  It’s simple really – there are three different levels of the mentor program and each level has its own benefits.  Check them out:

  1. Mentor Support: This is FREE, and I hope it gets utilized frequently!  When you have a question, get stuck, or just need help you can send me a quick message.  I will be glad to get back to you in a timely fashion, and answer your question.
  2. Priority Mentor Support: With the Priority Mentor Support, you will be pushed in front of the line and your questions, concerns, or help will be answered first.
  3. Unlimited eBay Store or Listing Evaluation: Per your request, I will provide an eBay Store or Listing evaluation with and add any recommendations that I see fit.
  4. Exclusive Video Tutorials Weekly: Just as the name states – I will upload new video tutorials on various subjects (even take requests) that will be exclusive and will only be shown in the mentoring site.
  5. Personal Accountability Buddy:  I will check in with you on a monthly basis to see how you did on your monthly goals.  I will provide a work sheet that will push you toward your monthly goals.
  6. Personal Instant Messaging: You will have access to my Instant Messaging account, and can message me at anytime for a quick response.
  7. 50% off current and future eBooks

Click HERE for more information on the mentoring programs!