From Amazon to eBay to You

by Tristen & Amy OBrien on January 26, 2012


February 10th is Jacks birthday.  He is turning 2, and of course we have already planned his birthday party, and have purchased his birthday gifts.  In normal fashion, we turned to eBay to get everything we needed.  Two days ago, something odd happened.  It was around 3 o’clock when the door bell rang.  I looked out the window and saw that it was UPS, so I just figured that some of our supplies and gifts were being delivered.  To my surprise when I open the door, I see a big box that says Amazon on it.  I brought it inside and asked Amy if she ordered anything from Amazon, and she said no.  I opened the box and saw an Amazon “gift” receipt, and it was one of Jack’s presents.

To the normal person, this would have been no big deal.  You order something online and it comes to your house.  For me, I couldn’t stop thinking why came from Amazon.  Then it hit me.  It came from Amazon because the eBay seller knew that he could “flip” the item!

I ran to my computer to see what the cost of the item on Amazon was and found that it was $10 cheaper with Free Shipping!  This guy was a genius.  Not only did he flip the item and make more money, he sent the item directly to me with out ever buying the item first!  I started to think of other items that I could do that with, and I came up with a nice list.  Here is one of them:

Of course this works the other way around, buy on eBay and sell on Amazon!  There is a small risk selling this way since you are relying on someone else to ship your product (if you buy from Amazon), but I think the risk is worth the reward!  Please share if you have ever done anything like this to make money!

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One last thing – There were SO MANY great ideas from the “Throw Away” contest last week!  The entries have now ended, and I will be going through all of them and narrowing it down to my favorite five!  I will put a pull up on my blog for voting on Monday!  Thanks for all of your great tips!