eBay Money Makers

by Tristen & Amy OBrien on November 30, 2011



Ahh, the time has come…  I have been really excited to share this with you, and now I officially can!  eBay is launching a new program called Money Makers this Thursday.  It’s a series of short Web Documentaries that will feature parents who use eBay to make money.  Well, as it turns out, my family is the first to be featured!  So you may think, okay they send a camera to your house, and ask you a few questions then leave, right?  No, the process of them filming at my house was the coolest thing I have ever been through.  So today I am going to give you a sneak peak of the eBay Money Makers project, AND a behind the scenes view!

First lets check out one of the eBay Money Makers videos:

Just to give you a little background, in September I shared my story with one of the team members that was putting this project together.  Over a period of a month, we emailed back and forth and I explained my eBay life in more detail.  Long story short, I received a notification that they want my family to be a part of the eBay Money Makers project!  I had a few pre-production calls to figure out all of the logistics, and in two weeks they were at our house.  When I say “They were at our house,” what I mean is a team that included 3 film crew members, 2 creative directors, 1 public relations director, and 1 person to interview.

Day 1: The first day of them being at my house was a lot of fun!  We went through each room and talked about lighting, camera angles, and other things that were over my head.  One of the creative directors was a fashion expert, so we showed her what we were planning on wearing, and she gave tips and tricks on what would look best.  They were only at our house for an hour or so before they left, but the expectation was set that we would start the next day of filming at 7:30 A.M.

Day 2:  7:30 A.M. came around, and right on time the crew showed up.  Jack was still sleeping, and the crew was very respectful of that.  They also brought tons of food, which makes me happy!  As they are telling me that its going to take a hour to set up, I see huge lights and T.V. monitors being brought in.  This was the real deal!  I’m a big tech and gadget kind of guy, so of course I was amazed with the amount of awesome technology in my house.  They had to put film on our windows to keep the natural light out, and as you can see in the picture, they had lights everywhere.  So, they wired me up, and we started with the interview.  I’m going to be honest here, at first I was really nervous.  One of the creative directors is also a Mary Kay consultant, so she kept putting powder on my face all day.  Also, the person who was doing the interview was a true professional, and I ended up feeling as if I was just having a conversation with her.

After my interview was done it was Amy’s turn.  She did a great job, matter of fact, everyone said she did better than I did (she always has to one up me).  That brought us to lunch time, and of course they hooked us up with some great food.  The rest of the day was spent filming me “doing what I do” on eBay like Taking Pictures, Listing, and packing.

Day 3:  This was the last day of filming, and they called it B-Roll day.  It meant that they really were going to just film us eating breakfast, playing with Jack, and follow me to a Goodwill store.  Overall, this was one of the best experiences we have ever had.  Everyone on the crew was AMAZING, and made us feel as if we were naturals.   From what I understand, this is where the hard part began.  They had to take all of the footage, and edit it down to five minutes.  Well, I have to say that it turned out great!  Here two other videos that are going to be apart of the eBay Money Makers series:


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