The Daily Insider

by Tristen & Amy OBrien on November 11, 2011

The most common question I get emailed is, “What did you buy today”?  This is a very good question, and I am usually more than happy to share my findings, but I thought I would start something new today.  I am going to start a post that will be updated Monday through Friday and will give you a quick peek into my brain. That way, when you go shopping for eBay inventory, you will always have at least one item that you know will bring me a really good profit.  The rest of the day will be just gravy.

The updated post will actually be located in a tab on top of the page called “Daily Insider”.  This way I can continue with the tips and tricks, but still keep you posted on awesome eBay inventory deals!  Also, I was hoping that this would be like an open forum.  There will be a comment section open on that page for you to put any great findings you may have found!  This way we can grow as a community helping each other out!

Check Out The Daily Insider HERE

On a side note: I have been in email communication with a lot of you, and I wanted to update you on my email address.  Due to server errors I had to change my email – my new address is TristenOBrien at TheEbayEntrepreneur dot com.  You can still contact me on the “About Me” page, but I didn’t want anyone to think I was ignoring them if you might have replied to my old email address.  Thanks!!