Hot Discontinued Item To Sell On eBay – HeadOn Migraine

by Tristen & Amy OBrien on September 27, 2011

HeadOn, is the over the counter remedy for migraine headaches.  You may have mistaken this product for a large size tube of lip balm, but make no mistake, buyers of this product swear that it is the ultimate cure for the migraine headache.  Recently, consumers have been frantically looking for this item at their local store, and they are disappointed when they can not find it.  Despite the loyal customers, HeadOn has retired this product.  The migraine version has still been seen in some stores, and as the stock runs low, the prices increase on eBay.

I really paid no attention to this product until I saw it on clearance at WalMart.  It was marked 10% of so I didn’t buy any at that time.  A few days later I returned to that same WalMart, and ALL of the clearance HeadOn Migraine was gone!  Not one was left!  After checking eBay completed listings, I knew that this was a real money maker.  I turned to the best inventory finding tool ever invented, the INTERNET.  I love because they conveniently have a “Check Store Availability” button.  This button will tell you if stock of your product is available in your store or not. Click HERE to see if this product is available in your area.  I was able to do a search and find a couple of stores that still had them in stock.

So how much can you make selling HeadOn Migraine medicine?  These are selling really well on eBay right now.  The demand is high, and there are only a few sellers.  You can buy HeadOn Migraine at WalMart for $4.98, and they are selling on eBay for $39.99 – $49.99 in a lot of four.  Thats a profit of $25 on average for every four sold!  Not too shabby!!  Especially when you are able to re-sell them multiple times.  HERE is a seller who has sold 37 individual tubes for $18.99.  Thats a total profit of $518 from just HeadOn medicine.

Make sure you check to see if they are available in your area!

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